Jul. 31st, 2013

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LITOZA is updated to Chapter 20. I wrote most of it on my laptop as I sat in Dubs’ piano teacher’s living room, during lessons. She probably thought I was working (LOL).

Thanks to anyone who voted for me in the recent 2013 Hpfanfictionpoll awards. I have a hate/cringe relationship with DB, but am nevertheless stoked that it picked up a 3rd place award for ‘Best Legacy Story’. Unsurprisingly, ‘The Fallout’ won, which is exactly as it should be.



At the moment, I am on the final stretch of a Federal Government-funded research project (into the effects of radioactive spider-bites on teenaged boys).

Haha, no. Kidding (or am I?). No, seriously, it’s not that.

In addition to managing this project, I’m working on interviews right now, which have to be transcribed and coded and then it’s report writing for all of September. Am also on the organising committee for an academic conference in October, not to mention my thesis proposal defence is in mid-November. I have broken my panic bone. I am incapable of panicking, it seems. I don’t know whether this is a good or bad thing.

My PhD is freaking backwards! I’ve already begun collecting most of my data in less than a year, so I’m not sure what I’ll be ‘defending’ at the defence, considering the actual data collection will be all done by then. This is the benefit of being part of a larger research project. My PhD is just one, quarantined section of the larger study. People ask me what I think I’ll be doing in two years. I have no idea. I say, “On vacation!”

And as I am writing this, an email has come in confirming a book deal with Springer! The contract is being prepared as we speak. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am about being a part of this. No, not fiction, this is an academic volume. If it goes to plan, I will be a co-editor and contributing a chapter, or perhaps more. I am woefully underqualified (not even being a post-doc!), but my co-editor is a tenured professor.

Exciting times. I know...like, I know that I can't be as ambitious or as career-driven as I would like to be, because at the end of the day, I am a sole parent with a 5-year old who is my life's priority. Everything is a juggling act right now. All these balls in the air and I feel like the sligtest misstep will cause it all to come crashing down. I constantly worry about losing my job or getting sick. I can't take off on conferences because I have Dubs to look after. I can't pull all-nighters all the time because I'd be rat-shit the next morning for Dubs.

And she deserves better than that. So, I'll finish my doctorate and then take whatever job comes. Can't be too fussy or feel too badly about missed oppurtunities.  


Today I noted that I have become such a creature of habit that I barely have to place my coffee or lunch orders at the places I frequent. The service staff knows what I want. This means that I can get away with a grunt to convey either ‘good morning’ or ‘hi there’, and they, in turn, barely have to speak to me.

Last month, I tried to remedy this accidentally anti-social state of affairs by actually speaking. The results were 20% successful, 80% amusing.

“Hello! I’d like a—”

“Eye-fillet steak. Well-done.”

“Er, yes, and also an—”

“Iced tea. No sugar.”

Next week, I’m going to ORDER THE CHICKEN. Just to throw them off.

Dubs is going great. Light of my life, etc. She’s such a goober. Just like her mother. Two goobers in a goober pod. She’s started piano this year and had her first recital just recently. I was so proud I could have exploded from it.

This is evidence of our goobering.

This is a photo of the fort W and her friend built in W’s bedroom last week. I miss forts.

Alec has set up residence in downtown Stressville as he’s about to turn in a meta-analysis this week on the neurocircuitry of PTSD. There are some super interesting (read: harrowing!) cohorts in the literature, which includes 9-11, Tokyo subway sarin gas attack and Indian Ocean 2004 tsunami survivors.

I pointed out that you can get 
meta-anal from meta-analysis, though the less time humanity spends thinking about what ‘meta-anal’ could possibly be, the better.

Here is a photo of Alec and his breakfast, in the calm before the meta-analysis storm. Now, THERE IS NO TIME FOR BREAKFAST or blazers. Only tears of stress and sweat pants that haven't been washed in two weeks. 

This is Lord Willoughby’s t-shirt. I approve of both Lord Willoughby and his immaculate taste in t-shirts.

This is some black sparkly lip gloss my sassy friend Jan sent me.
THANKS, JAN! Now I  too can sparkle in the sunlight.

This is a photo from an AMAZEBALLS Game of Thrones (card game) themed dinner party.

The menu included: Dorne Berries, Kingslayer Parmigiana, Daenerys Dragonfire Peppers, Alchemists Black Fire Battle Salad (lol), and Wildlings shortbread cookie men. And there was honey mead, which if you’ve ever had it, you know is just so delicious.

Alec and I were in House Lannister. I am mildly disturbed by how much this agreed with us. We kept trash-talking the two members of House Stark. "Don't lose your head over this next move, ahahah!" and the like.


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