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Almost 10 months since my last update! I'm not sure anyone reads my blog these days, so this will be mainly a picture post for THE MEMOREEES.

In a nutshell:
  • I'm currently working three jobs (two of which I am pretty sure I am not qualified for), on top of the doctorate, plus a slew of other side projects and unpaid positions that eat my time like I ate Doritors when I was pregnant (I ate A LOT of Doritos because it was one of the few things my morning sickness could tolerate. Like I ate it for breakfast, lunch dinner. I ate Doritos in the bath.)
  • Willa turned seven. OMG. I am well aware that in my last, she turned six. She is all kinds of grown up now.
  • I moved to a new apartment. It was traumatic, but I built a bridge (it had a troll underneath it and everything) and got over it. Now, if I have to move again, I will seriously lose it.
  • I saw my childhood BFF this year after not seeing each other for about thirteen or fourteen years. She's a bio (ecology) professor now with two kids! It was surreal and wonderful. She and Alec talked about scanning chameleons brains at one of the rare, small mammal MRI machines at Alec's lab. 
  • I've caught up on a whole lot of TV this year, too. Downton Abbey, Walking Dead, The Strain and Big Bang Theory. Also still loving British comedy variety shows like Would I Lie To You. I have some kind of intellectual crush on David Mitchell, especially when he's anywhere near Rob Brydon and Lee Mack.
  • I am soon to publish three things (fingers crossed!). Sadly, none of it is fanfic or original fiction.  A neuroscience paper on PTSD (co-author), an Australian Government Office for Learning & Teaching report (co-author) and a chapter in a handbook (sole author <-- very exciting!). I not qualified for the first or last ventures, but when opportunity comes knocking....!
  • I climb walls every Friday and am getting the hang of it. Only took me six months! Hope to move to outdoor, lead climbing. We have a very eclectic climbing crew, which includes a marine biologist, a volcanologist and a detective.

There is a gang of sulphur-crested cockatoos that live where I currently live. When I first encountered them, we were all, "Oh, they're so pretty and tame!" Well, a few days later after they decimated the poor gum tree outside my apartment and tore apart the fly screen over my kitchen window, it became pretty apparent that this was some kind of thug gang that threw a hissy fit unless you kept feeding them. The thing is that they only ever want to eat bread, and they're NOT supposed to eat bread, but refuse to eat all other foods the internet says they should be eating. This is what happens when humans intrude on the space of native animals. Cockatoo thuggery.

I saw my beautiful little sister again after five years! It was pretty emotional for us (and we managed to get quite a lot of fun stuff done in her 2.5 weeks in Sydney!). This photo was taken at the OBar & Lounge, located a stomach churning distance above the city...and it revolves. Views are phenomenal, but it's not for folks with a fear of high places!
This was taken in the Australian summer, at the Blue Mountains in New South Wales (the State where Sydney is located). It seemed a travesty that I hadn't been there before given I've been living in Sydney for the last 17 years. So Alec took me and a girlfriend. We had an amaaaazing time, but man, the climb down was hard (there's stairs, but they're steep). My knees were jelly after the third hour. 

This is Dr Willa, Kid Scientist. Taken at our much-loved and missed, old apartment. RIP, old place *sniff*

So sue me, I take pics of food. This was a particularly excellent breakfast at a cafe in Hyde Park, Sydney City,

Willa at our local Climbing Gym. She's pretty good!

FatFat on my couch. It's warm now, which means Alec will shave him again. LOLs will ensue!

I saw Steven Pinker at the Sydney Opera House's Festival of Dangerous Ideas! And then......

I fell down the stairs AT THE FRIGGING OPERA HOUSE and this happened :(

Which is why I bought these boots this weekend for Zedtown 2014, in two weeks. Spent $100 on them, but they'll save my life. They will serve to brace and support my bad ankle quite nicely. Still haven't worked out how I'm going to run away, though.

But I'm sure these strapping blokes will help me :D Here is 50% of my team this year (which will include other ladies!). This photo was taken just this past weekend, on a training and recon mission to Sydney Uni.

Willa's Year 1 class went to the NSW Art Gallery. I was one of the Helper Mummies. This was my assigned seven kids to mind. I lost ZERO! :)

One of my BFFs turned 30 so we threw her a party befitting her awesomeness. I went as our favourite, rum-loving anti-hero.

I saw Coriolanus, staring this guy^^. No, not live at the Donmar in London! Rather, they screened a live taping of the play at the Dendy Theatre in Sydney (at an ungodly hour of the morning) as it was being performed in London. Quite convoluted in terms of screening organisation, but it was a sell-out show. The theatre was FULL of teenaged girls. It was very confusing for some of the blue-rinse, pearl-wearing, Chanel jacketed Shakespeare fans who were in attendance. How to explain Hiddleston to them?

Me, on a wall. About to straddle a stalactite in a most inelegant fashion. 

This, folks, is Jaqueline Fine, a character from the Eldritch Horror card game. WHY DOES SHE LOOK LIKE MY TWIN? We may never find out. Now I know how Homer felt!

Willa tries her hand at Harry Potter fanfiction.


Taken on the morning she came with me to a work conference in the nation's capital. Dapper!

THE MOST WONDERFUL GOZLEME IN THE WORLD. We regularly travel to the other side of the city to partake in this delicious, cripsy, warm, spinachy, meaty, cheesy, chili-oily goodness. 

We have a picnic by the marina and play ball. AND EAT ALL THE GOZLEME.

I live in a very beautiful city. This is under Sydney Harbour Bridge, taken on our way to Luna Park (amusement park by the harbour).

This is what we did for Willa's 7th - an art exhibition featuring her 'life's works'. There was faux champagne, canapes, art critics, the lot. It was a blast! Sold some pieces too.

Like so. This is my favourite piece. I don't know what it's officially titled, but I call it, 'Woman After Having Children'.

Seven years old now. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE, I ASK YOU?

This is what Willa does for fun, to scare me. At night. After I've watched yet another horror movie. I LOVE YOU TOO, WILLA.
Aaaand then there's Zedtown in two weeks. Will let you know how we go!
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